StrongArm Brand performs routine vehicle maintenance and is trending with collectors and cars owners around the world.

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Routine Vehicle Maintenance,
Lubrication and Corrosion Prevention.
Applying USA Fluid Ultra Lubricant into car and truck door latches and hinges will penetrate into the mechanisms to restore and maintain them at full function. Unlimited StrongArm will stop the squeaking for years of use. Creaking doors mean your hinges are wearing away. And when hinges wear, vehicle doors go out of alignment and won't close properly.

If the vehicle is like new, then this preventative maintenance will keep it that way with an application every year or two. The vehicle shown in these pictures getting sprayed here to show the process is a 1990 Mercury being kept in new condition.. It was last sprayed with Unlimited StrongArm three years ago when it was acquired. See how the areas are still protected and there's no rust anywhere.

Apply StrongArm to Door Latches for years of perfect performance
Door Latches

Also shown here is window tracks. This is good to do with electric windows. They go up and down easier and the motors will not burn out. That is a very expensive repair.

Apply StrongArm to Window Tracks for smooth operation for years
Electric and Manual Window Tracks
Extends the life of your Motor and Mechanism

Apply StrongArm to Door Hinges for perfect long term performance
Upper Hinge
Apply StrongArm to Door Hinges for perfect long term performance
Rear Door Hinge
Apply a small stream into the upper hinge and then into the lower hinge. Wiping is not even necessary unless you are spraying too much. Only a small amount for a fraction of a second to wet the hinge area is all that's needed. Do Not drown it with USA Fluid and waste it. If it's an old truck that's been parked for years and the doors are nearly stuck and barely open, spray them and let it soak in for a minute, and then work the door open and closed slowly a little at a time. Re apply small amounts once every few minutes, and the door will be opening easy again.

Lower Hinge

 Apply USA Fluid to the bottom hinges of doors and the bottom under the doors onto any rust or corrosion that's starting all along the bottom of the door, and it will shut it down. This is a good thing to do on older vehicles and work trucks and vans. Don't forget to spray some into the sliding doors of mini vans, on the bearings which are on the metal pivots and inside the rear and lower track, as well as the latches.

Apply StrongArm to the Hood Latch for perfect long term performance
Hood Latch

Battery Terminals being treated with StrongArm
Applying To Battery Terminals
Battery Terminals Preserved with StrongArm
Battery wiped and done.

Apply a USA Fluid onto battery terminals protects them for years. Wipe up the excess with a small piece of rag and then use it to polish the top of the battery. Also, put USA Fluid into the battery box area around and below the battery. If there's rusting there it will be stopped. If no rust is there yet, the area will then be protected against rusting. Spray any other place where there is wire ends and terminals to prevent corrosion and keep new functionality. Protection will last for years with one Unlimited StrongArm Application.

StrongArm Lubes and preserves hood springs
Hood Hinges and Spring

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