StrongArm Brand for undercar treatment and preservation of the chassis.
Under Car Frame
Protection Example

USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm will instantaneously turn a rusting frame into
an undercoated and Protected frame with it's Specialized Industrial Preservative Penetrating and Coating Compounds. See the Canister beam in action below as it is being applied.

PLEASE NOTE that nothing else was done to the surfaces here.
No Brushing or Wiping or anything. They were just Sprayed with USA Fluid. That's all.

A Frame Section is shown before and after spraying. Note how the most rusted areas have absorbed the coating and how it spreads uniformly over and through old grease and dirt.
And AFTER and BEFORE picture that shows how nice the frame is after spraying and how rusty and dirty it was before.
The USA Fluid Canister shoots a Beam of anti corrosion material penetrant that is blasted directly into the surface in a beam from several feet away! There is no misty spray which must be applied right at the surface like with other products, most of which is lost and blown away into the air as pollution.
ALL Points Rust become All points Protected. Bushings with cracking rubber inserts are lubricated and the rubber is revitalized. Cross member braces and stabilizer bars, tie rod ends, grease caked sealed fittings, frame, cowl and component bolts are all placed in a rust free suspended animation condition. If any parts need to be removed for service, like the radiator, steering parts or brakes, the nuts bolts and bleeders will all turn loose as if they are brand new.
Behind the wheel where the body meets the frame you can see how all the interface nuts and bolts are now treated and protected along and on the frame. Any loose pieces of material and metal are protected. This car will now be used years before it even gets back to this condition.
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