Toro Tractor Reclaimation with StrongArm Brand Products
Tear-down Sequence Pictures Shown here...

It's ALL Locked up boys! Toro Tractor Collectors Get one that was dragged out from where it was abandoned by a water hole decades ago and begin to take it apart with USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm. The whole thing is locked up and frozen, engine, transmission, clutch. ALL Stuck Tight.

Here's what these collectors Start working with !!! This is After we have already performed the disassembly of components as shown in the pictures below..
Here's what these collectors end up with !
Here's one that's All Restored and running like brand new !
The process began here with the boys applying it over the spark plugs, the brake lever and onto the shifter lever...
Above is the shifter lever before spraying. Shown below is the applying, and the removal with a channelock about a minute later
Here between the blue arrows is the open transmission with the shifter lever removed. Note that there is NO thread damage whatsoever and the metal is once again in excellent condition.
Here the boys inspect the inside of the transmission with a flashlight as more Unlimited StrongArm is sprayed into the opening and allowed to run into the gears and innards of the transmission from the top down.
Now the shifter handle gets put back onto the transmission and tightened up and work moves into the engine area of the tractor...
Here's the removal of the distributor - first the coil is sprayed and removed - revealing a large nest of ants and eggs living inside of the distributor for years !!
Here the wire on the solenoid removes like it's new, with no problem, after USAfluid has had several minutes to erase the corrosion. The starter is then loosened to be pulled out, but the oil filter is in the way and will first have to be loosened up and removed.
Here the starter is comes out as the fuel filter is loosened and pulled back but still has corroded lines attached that need to be loosened up, shown inside the small red circle...
Here's Camera Stop Action Detail on the Exclusive Parabolic Pulsating Dispersion Stream - Which is Actually a High Speed Machine Gun Stream containing Tens of Thousands of Beads of Droplets which are continuously rapid fired from the Unlimited StrongArm Canister into the area where the corrosion is to be erased.

Corrosion doesn't have a chance.

USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm is like a Time Machine that turns back the clock on
Rust & corrosion to before it even existed !!

  It'sthe Master Key that Unlocks Machinery frozen from Corrosion and Rust Like No Other!
Above is some additional applying into the cylinders over onto the areas where the valves are next to the pistons which have about an ounce or two sprayed onto each.
  Additional closeup of the pulley on the crankshaft where the channelock twisted the shaft and loosened up the engine.
Here the channelock pliers is used to grab the pulley on the flywheel and rock it back and forth. The engine started moving after about 20 seconds of rocking it back and forth.
Here's the parts that were removed from the engine, distributor, coil and starter.
Here's the TORO Tractor after 20 minutes of playing on it.
The engine is loose, the transmission is shifting, the clutch and brake levers are moving again, and the restoration process is under way on a good foot.

USA Fluid is the Workhorse Penetrant and Machinery Tonic that Takes all the Fight out of it !!
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