StrongArm Penetrating Oil used with Shriner Clowns vehicles to restore and maintain funcionality.
USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm
The Ultimate Penetrant, Lubricant, Rust Remover of All Time..
It's The Shriner's Right Hand Man !
USA Fluid Keeps Shriner Clowns
Shining and Parading in Full Form
No Clowning Around Here ! It's raining on the parade vehicles.
A Shriner Clown Applies USA Fluid to wet ignition wires on the back of the clown buggy after hauling it in the rain over 60 miles behind his pickup truck with a tow bar. USA Fluid Waterproofs the wiring and keeps it running perfectly even if it's raining some on the parade!
Here the Tiny Clown Car gets lubricated and waterproofed by the Shriner Clowns just before the Christmas parade is about to get underway. These Clowns Travel to a half dozen different Christmas Parades - ALL in one day - over nearly 500 miles, from one city parade to another, hauling their funny looking buggies onward to each one. That's awesome dedication! USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm is honored to contribute to those who contribute their time and expense to build these show vehicles and help em to maintain em throughout the year as they run now and then and sit put up & away preserved.
Shriner Clown Reads USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand bottle and is amazed how it improved performance of the little engine when added to the gas and sprayed on the wiring and linkages and now makes the little car fly along !
Here's the Shriner Clowns are all together going down the parade line behind the color guard. Thanks for the celebration and fun boys!!
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