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USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Treatment

Here's USA Fluid Brand Going to work on the Porsche 356 door restoration.

Here we will see the following things happening:

Here the area is ground after USA Fluid is applied to the metal surfaces prior to welding.

Porsche 356 Grinding With StrongArm Brand Penetrating Oil

Here's the metal seam right after the welding is completed.

Porsche 356 Welded Door over StrongArm Brand Sprays Coating

USA Fluid Conditioning Fluid is applied again to the surface over the welded area.

Porsche 356 Restoration Applying StrongArm Over a weld on the door for cleaing and long term protection of the metal surfaces.

The area is brushed with a small wire brush to remove the smoke staining from the surface of the metal and leave a long term preservative coating.

Porsche 356 Restoration cleaning the weld stain with StrongArm Brand Penetrating Oil fluids.

Porsche 356 Restoration Wiping the surface with StrongArm Brand Penetrating Oil Rust Preventative

Porsche 356 Restoration Wiping the surface with StrongArm Brand Penetrating Oil Rust Preventative
The area is now wiped down and all the staining and smoke buildup off the weld is completely removed leaving a pristine metal surface which will not corrode as time goes on.

Additional grinding to even out the welded surface is performed using the high speed grinder.

Porsche 356 Grinding the weld after application of StrongArm Brand Rust and Corrosion Blocker

The surface is now cleaned and the next panel piece is clamped into place for finishing this area of the door.

Porsche 356 Restoration with Metal Clamped in place over StrongArm Treated Welds on lower panel

YES !! It's good old Fashioned German Engineering at it's very best !
They made these babies by hand !!!!

Here's some nice and interesting OLD Porsche Factory Videos from the 1960's.....

Porsche 356 YouTube production video..

Body production Porsche plant YouTube video....

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