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USA Fluid Musical Instrument Usage

USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm is a world class treatment for Pro musical instruments. Shown here is treatment on an Antique circa 1935 'Lady Face' Saxophone which was in storage for decades. Barely any of the stops or keys would open, and they would stick open if you attempted to play the sax. The felts were leaking along the seal also, from them not closing properly.

Treatment on all of the guitar is also shown and detailed, on the surface of the body, the frets, bridge and machine.
These are larger pictures with detail..

The instruments in the music room before any treatment.

Shown above is the StrongArm left of the strings on the bass in the area with the green arrow. The right side of the strings by the knobs is the untreated before area, and you can see the dullness of the wood finish surface.

The Bass after doing both sides. This Fender Precision Bass is from the 1980's to early 90's period and is no longer made. It's a Pre China era model and was produced in Japan.

Shown here is the rear of the bass being treated with StrongArm. The richness of the wood finish is instantly brought back up as StrongArm is wiped on with the small rag.

This USA Fluid treatment to the finish will remain for years on the instrument. Fingerprints and surface marks into the finish are a thing of the past. You can pour water over the guitar and the surface won't get wet. You can store your unused instruments for a decade and they will still have this protection coating on them when taken out and played.

Shown to the left and above is the treating of the fret board and strings and the machine on the neck, as well as the bridge at the bottom of the Bass. You'll not believe how dull and corroded it was until you see it brightening up as StrongArm is applied to the surfaces.

USA Fluid will enable your instruments to stay in tune longer when being transported or during heavy playing, since there is no longer any stiffness in the mechanism, so the tuning is smoother and more precise. Corrosion on the strings is also eliminated. That keeps them from swelling and changing size. Also, strings that are not corroded will produce cleaner tones from the pickups.

The entire harp and string bridge of age old player and upright pianos can be done in this manner, with astonishing results. Anywhere there are surfaces and mechanisms which are subject to the degradation of time and age, the instrument will be restored and put in a state of suspended animation against corrosion and aging.

Here we see several more drops of USA Fluid being applied onto the small cotton rag from the drip top dispenser can, and the final detailing around the knobs and along the metal edges of the neck and the frets. It only takes about 5 drops at a time to do each side of a guitar like this. One can of StrongArm is enough to take care of all the instruments in an entire Symphony Orchestra..!



Treatment detail on a CONN 'Lady Face' Sax

The surface of the 'Lady Face' is well rubbed and oxidized on this sax The brass is marked from the many years of use and oxidized from a half century of storage.

Logo detail from a similar period Sax in legible condition.

This is dated around 1935 - an early model from the late depression years.

If you'll pardon the expression, here's where the penetrating and preservation power of USA Fluid really comes into play on the instrument. Many of these felts and stops were not functioning properly. Some would stick open, others would not want to open. Applying a drop of Unlimited StrongArm onto the levers and pivot points, and carrying the fluid all over the instrument with the small rag solved this problem. Age old pads and stops which were hard and dry were softened up and sealed again perfectly.

These pictures show detail of the wiping onto the body of the sax, working the various flaps and keys which produce the sweet sound of these antique instruments.

Improved sound and tone is immediately achieved. All the components of this Sax now work properly again. The treatment was only about a half dozen drops onto several places. The rest of the USA Fluid was spread about with the wetted small rag.

The CONN Sax is now all wiped cleaned and lubricated, with full function of all notes. You can see the color of the brass going back to it's original hue, as the Unlimited StrongArm penetrates into the layers of patina on the surface of the brass.

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