StrongArm Brand Products are a Top Choice amongst knife makers.

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  Knife Makers Implementation

Every Twist and curve and piece is hand forged and adapted.

Table display of various unique knives. Theses are all produced by Sheldon Stockdale. Damascus and regular forgings.

These knives are all treated and preserved with USA Fluid. A small brush and 2 inch piece of cotton rag with several drops of USA Fluid on the rag and the knife are all it takes for Years of protection.

Now at a knife show, there is no longer a problem with fingerprints from people's hands. Even if they are eating food and drinking soda pop with their fingers! The metal is TOTALLY protected from oils and corrosive situations from sweat and whatever dirt people have on their hands. These knives can be left out in the rain or stored in a pail of water and not have any rusting and degradation for months on end! That's the kind of protection that USA Fluid puts on valuable pieces.

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