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Properly Managing the environment:The ash borer hasn't gotten here yet, but dampness and blight from excessive dead timbers caused by lightning strikes and tree blowdowns from high winds is causing premature dying of the entire remaining stand of trees in these woods. Cores of the logs are dying and turning to pulp while the trees are still growing. Many are standing dead. Removal of these affected trees will enable the young saplings in the remaining area to grow strong and reinforce the stand of trees and curtail this condition and create a fresh strong canopy of woods.
Sawing into a stack of trees where the old overgrown grove boundary along farmland is being cleared out. The cores of most trees are brown and becoming pulpy from the combination of choked woods and fallen dead trees combined with recent flooding during spring into the growing season which then keeps the forest floor as a swampy bog instead of a dry woods. That sets up the tress for the blight and ash borer which will reduce these woods to defoliated dead trees if nothing is done to manage growth and clear the bad areas of dead timber.
StrongArm Brand is being applied onto the bar and chain as shown in the red circle. This old saw has an intermittent oil pump, which will stop pumping for awhile. When that happens, the manual and automatic feed of the oil in the saw doesn't work. The bar goes dry, overheats, gets scored, and the chain loses it's temper and sharpness. The saw bogs down, doesn't cut and wastes fuel.

Strong Arm Eliminates ALL of that. It keeps the chain cutting during these times the pump quits pumping, and saves fuel, prevents the binding, overheating, engine, bar and chain wear, all of which will end up costing over $50 in parts to remedy. A penny's worth of strong arm before each cut eliminates all of that, as well as the down time.

Here's the saw going to work right after being sprayed with StrongArm as shown above. It sings and cuts through the log like cream cheese.
These pictures show how easily the saw goes to work - with no need to bear down on it to get cutting done.
Remember, the oil pump on this saw is intermittent, and hasn't pumped one drop of oil onto the chain all day long for the cutting of this entire stack of trees!
The StrongArmBrand can is kept handy next to the log for a one second spray into the bar at the top of the saw every cut or so..
Here the saw is getting sprayed before cutting into another pile that has some fresh overnight snowfall upon it.
The saw works into the log with no resistance whatsoever.
The performance of the saw and quality of the cut can be determined by the sawdust and shavings that come out from the machine. Nice large shavings from a sharp chain, and an even flow from the saw maintaining speed and not binding as it proceeds through the cut. IF the chain and bar go dry, the material will not come out like this, and will come out as a powder that just falls to the ground in a pile below the log at the cut.
StrongArm Brand is excellent in chain saw gas to bolster the mix. It increases octane and stabilizes the gas for when it's not run and put away. You will get more power in the high setting of the carburetor.

The saw will run at higher speed with improved performance, cutting more wood faster in the same time running, which increases output and saves gasoline. StrongArm will condition cylinders.

Here The forest is managed near the Tennessee Kentucky border over the hills and down in under. This sawyer is operating along on ridge with an 800 foot drop to the bottom of the gap.

Entire logging operations benefit from StrongArm from the felling saw to the saw mills along with every piece of equipment in between with reduced maintenance costs and down time.

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