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StrongArms Gun Oil
The Ultimate Penetrant, Ultra Lubricant,
Rust Remover & Weapons Preserver of All Time..

"Gunsmiths Right Hand Man In A Bottle"

StrongArms Brand is the absolute best staying power
Gun Lube & Preservative Ever Produced

We present that honest truth here by showing these rusted into garbage black powder gun barrels..
130 year old gun barrels before StrongArms treatment
This here is the condition of various antique gun barrels from rifles as they were received at a swap meet. They were recovered from years of Laying on a damp concrete floor along the side wall in the back of a garage. The garage was gutted out and they were found under a work bench that was ripped out and put into the scrap pile. A scrapper traded them to the StrongArm Guys at a swap meet where he was picking up iron to take to the junk yard.

This is the Belgium Laminated Steel Shotgun barrel shown to the left and below in the before and after with water being poured over it 8 years after being cleaned. This barrel is tossed in the back of the truck with the tools and tire irons. That shows how it remains even with this negligent care it's still pristine. StrongArm is only applied once a year and it sits outside all year in outdoor in the rain as well as with indoor event tables.
Hercules Grade Before StrongArms restoration
Here's the Hercules Grade Barrel Before StrongArms Treatment..
Hercules Grade Shotgun Barrel After StrongArms Restoration.
Here's the IVER JOHNSON Hercules Grade Shotgun Barrel After applying StrongArms and then brushing lightly for a half minute over the barrel. StrongArm doesn't eat the rust, the rust eats the StrongArm, and breaks down to a finer and finer compound as it's brushed, producing it's own scrub and lapping compound made from what was once the rust itself on the surface. No Damage is done to any bluing that remains on the on the barrel. Bluing is Amplified when StrongArms is applied and wiped over the surface of clean new guns. AND They can be blued over the StrongArm encapsulation substance which is now preserving them.
Smokeless Steel Black Powder barrel before StrongArms Smokless Steel Black Powder Barrel AFTER StrongArms Treatment
Belgium Laminated Steel Shotgun Barrel Before StrongArms
This is the Belgium Laminated Steel Barrel Before StrongArms Treatment
Belgium Laminated Steel Shotgun Barrel After StrongArms Treatment
This is the Belgium Laminated Steel Barrel After StrongArm and light brushing.
Inner action of old rifle barrel before StrongArms Treatment
Here this special smokeless steel hexagon barrel is shown before and after applying StrongArm Brand and light brushing and wiping with a rag.

Action Outer of Old Rifle Barrel After StrongArms Treatment
The Surface of the barrel and mount are now encapsulated with USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm and will remain bulletproofed against the effects of moisture and the elements.

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