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Here's Before and After
on A Train Engine....
Denton, NC Farm Park Threshers Reunion.

Please Note:
None of these pictures use trick photography or any make believe.
The top 2 images were taken with the same digital camera.

All the rest of the images below the words BEFORE and AFTER were converted from old Digital Video Tape Footage that you can watch right on this page. They all came off of the same tape from the same camera. The were all equally resized in an identical manner so they can fit on this page, each an every one of them. No retouching or anything like that was done.
Here's No 9 Rolling after being detailed with USA Fluid...



All the pictures that are Above on the left side of the page show the engine BEFORE treatment with USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Brand.

All the pictures on the right side of the page show the engine AFTER Treatment with USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Brand. This entire engine was detailed with Only ONE Six Ounce Can of Unlimited StrongArm !! The surface temperature of the engine is over 300 Degrees F. at 180-220 pounds of steam pressure in the boilers.

The Specialized Formulation of USA Fluid Preservative conditioners integrate strapping compounds into the surface and maintain the detailed condition even at high temperatures for long periods of time.

This engine will run several times and then the coating will preserve it as it sleeps in it's shed over the winter, with all the plumbing drained out and treated with USA Fluid.

When it steams up again in the spring, the USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm invisible long term preservative coating will still be there! And the valves bonnets and fittings will all still look and function exactly the same as when it was put into seasonal storage.

USAfluid Puts A Lock on Machinery against corrosion and oxidation from the atmosphere.

SEE The Videos That these pictures were taken from yourself, and you be the judge..
Click on the videos below to view them in your browser...

No. 9 Passing By BEFORE Treatment with Unlimited StrongArm Brand

No.9 Passing By AFTER Unlimited StrongArm Brand Detailed The Engine

This No. 9 Train Engine is The Crown Jewel of one of the Greatest Historic Reclamation Facilities Every Brought into Existence. !

 Denton Farm Park Information Page on The Train

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Side View Showing the Glistening Sheen That USA Fluid Puts on the boiler of the train as it rolls along with 180+ Pounds of Steam Pressure.