Rust Removal From Chrome is a No Brainer with StrongArm Brand....
See Here what it can do for you with the examples shown in the pages from the menu below...
USA Fluid is An Atomic Bomb On Rust !!
It Knocks Rust right off the Chrome surface
Within Seconds after it's applied !!
Shown here is a Rusted Chrome Truck Rim with just the area in the middle of the picture highlighted in green as it was cleaned and restored with USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm Brand. The area in red is how it was before, and with StrongArm Applied and working into the surface.

Total Time to do this as you see it here on this wheel:
30 Seconds from start to finish. APPLY - WIRE BRUSH - WIPE - DONE.

No having to pull the wheel and soak it in a tank for days like with other one trick pony water bath rust cleaners that only remove the rust.

This wheel is cleaned rejuvenated AND Preserved now and can run on the truck all year.

Unlimited StrongArm Brand Takes all the Fight out of it!

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