StrongArm Brand Products treatment for car body paint vinyl - interiors and doors.
Restoring Protecting and Detailing
Paint and Vinyl Surfaces on Cars.

NOTE: ALL of the below was done with the last 2 ounces
in the can as it was running out.

Several Drops were spritzed out on a 12 to 18 inch portion of the hood at a time. It was then wiped with an old piece of rag about 4 inches square.

Three fourths of the hood was done and that is the area in blue marked AFTER..

The Red Area is the condition that the entire hood was in BEFORE applying the USA Fluid and wiping off.

Nothing else was done to the surface before or after. The car can now be washed, compounded and waxed in about a week and the paint will be as close as possible to new.

Detail of the left rear fender and body panel behind the door. The entire area was treated with less then a teaspoon of StrongArmBrand sprayed from the can as it was running out.

The Immediate restoration of the surface is evident in the after picture. The wipe marks from the rag can even be seen on the left rear door which was not done yet at this time. Only the area above the fender well and up to the roof was done on the left rear fender..

The condition of the lower portion of the doors BEFORE spraying with USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand. The rusting and cancer is all along the bottom and is now creeping into the door and is beginning to eat it up.
See how NO Material is Wasted into the atmosphere as a mist of pollution when unlimited StrongArm Brand is applied into the surfaces, even from 2 feet away! The straight stream goes directly into the rusted and flaking metal and immediately arrests the corrosion and oxidation. The area will become waterproof. The rust cancer is now dead. It absolutely will not grow into the metal any further. No Further Corrosion or rust will occur here ! IT can be wire brushed and painted or left alone as it is shown here. It will remain like this for nearly 2 years of continuous running before it will need to be sprayed again. We have succeeded in Stopping the rust in it's tracks.

Detail on the various things that are happening when USA Fluid is applied to the aging used car that is acquired.

The dried out rubber is made fresh and will fit properly and not crack and fall off.

The oxidation and corrosive growth that is creeping into the paint is stopped and the paint is restored and protected with a film finish.

The Rust and cancer in the lower portion of the door where the constant attack of road dirt, dust and salt has absorbed into the metal and rust that is there has now absorbed Unlimited StrongArm Brand, which is Strong Medicine against rust & corrosion.

Detailing and cleaning up vinyl interiors is a snap with USA Fluid. Just spray a small amount onto the vinyl for a quarter of a second as shown here being done in the BEFORE picture, spread it around and wipe with a small piece or corner of a rag. This process is repeated all along the dashboard and on the wooden and plastic surfaces of the entire interior several times a year, and the surfaces will remain to new condition and remain that way.
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