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About 125 Years Old
Before and After Treatment Sequence Pictures Are Shown here...
This Scale features Large Brass bars and rails calibrated
for weighing up to
over 8000 Lbs (4 tons).
Produced by Des Moines Scale & MFG. Co.
Rail is over 20 Pounds of Solid Brass.



Shown Above are the Before and After Detail Pictures of Balance Beam of the scale. The picture on the left shows the white oxidation condition of the brass rail before any spraying with Unlimited StrongArm Brand. The picture on the right shows the same rail after spraying and light brushing with a small wire and brass brush...

Scale as it is set up at Antique Market. USA Fluid is only sprayed on some of the dark areas where it is working into the white oxidation on the brass rails.
Here we see the spraying process as the Unlimited StrongArm Fluid slowly is applied onto the entire scale. Note how the Canister shoots a straight stream into the area of application, and doesn't have a "hair spray" and spray paint mist nozzle like other products, which loses the spray into the air as pollution instead of getting it onto where it's needed.

Close-up Detail of Balance at back of beam Before Spraying with USA Fluid. Small amount is applied to screw in upper left of picture onto threads of calibration weight and is on backside of beam in the darker area. The entire iron leg and foot and beam end can be seen in the picture to the right.

Detail View of the iron leg and weight before applying USA Fluid.

Here we see the leg, foot and weights the following morning after the initial application where Unlimited StrongArm has now been on them overnight. Note that the rust and oxidation has totally collapsed and disappeared. The iron and brass can now be brushed with a wire brush and detailed. This scale will remain perfect for a decade indoors when placed as a collectors showpiece.

A Before and After Detail on the balance end of the scale. Note the name Des Moines Scale & Mfg. Co. on the above After picture.

On the left, that name is not even visible or readable in the Before picture. The area is totally covered over with green oxidation.

Here's a final view of the entire upper and lower scale beams now shining in wrought brass with no harm to the patina in the graduations of the scale.

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