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How to Restore and Preserve water damaged items with StrongArm Brand

StrongArmBrand was used after Hurricane Katrina and in Prairie floods by private, commercial and ministry flood cleanup efforts. An entire collection of 1960's Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycles and Vintage Honda's that were submerged for three weeks were fully restored after being removed from the hurricane flooded area in Louisiana.

There's no need to discard submerged appliances personal possessions and collectibles.

Valuable possessions like Motorcycles, Cars, Bicycles, Guns, Knives, Antiques, cultural & Historic Collectibles and Heirlooms can be restored and put back to into service with StrongArm Sprays Brand.

Procedure for reclaiming flooded possessions:

• FIRST > There is a toxic residue on the surfaces containing combinations of chemicals and debris in filthy floodwater from fertilizer, bacteria from sewerage, manure and drowned animals that must be properly washed and removed with this simple process..

1) Wash items with a flush of fresh water that has a tablespoon or capful of chlorine bleach and a teaspoon of dawn dish washing liquid per FIVE gallon pail of water.

2) Spray items with Lysol or similar disinfectant which are also available in the dollar stores or Wal Mart.

3)  Rinse with plain fresh water or clean rainwater if fresh water is not yet available.

4) Dry items in the open sun on dry cardboard. The UV rays of the sun will also kill bacteria.

5) Apply a small amount of StrongArm Brand onto the surface and wipe over the surface with a small piece of rag made into an applicator. A 3 inch piece of old cotton under shirt folded twice into a small inch wide surface will work perfectly.

After cleaning off toxic residue as outlined above, proceed as follows on these different types of materials..

StrongArm Sprays Brand provides Safe, Non Destructive Corrosion and Rust Removal and Reclamation. It is designed to be environmentally friendly in a variety of ways. See additional details below and on the website www.StrongArmBrand.Com

• Flooded Vehicles: Immediately Remove the Battery,
wash residue from fuse panels and wiring, computer connections and circuit boards as described above and blow dry with compressed air. Spray Strong Arm onto ALL electrical connections throughout the vehicle and over the entire engine compartment. Allow it to remain on the surfaces. Spray brake calipers and pistons, pads and drums. It will not hurt these items. Spray all fittings and Lubricate all moving parts: Doors windows, locks, etc. The Vehicle can now be restarted after fluids are flushed from drive train and renewed. Allow Seats and carpets to dry from washing out. Remove as possible and set into open sun. Apply StrongArm onto ALL the metal surfaces and electrical connections inside the vehicle before re installing carpeting, dashboards and seats. Treat washed vinyl dashboards and seats. Lubricate all adjustment sliders and motors with StrongArm. The vehicle will now be waterproofed and will remain 100% corrosion resistant for the next 5 years in daily usage. Additional Info is Here

• Appliances: Washing Machines, Stoves, Boilers, etc.  Clean as outlined above. If you do not know anything about connecting appliances or how to disassemble the appliance to clean and treat the inside and reassemble it, then refer the job to a qualified appliance repair technician for completion of the cleanup. Be sure all residue is removed and flushed out of motors and wiring. Allow Appliance to sit out doors and dry. Spray StrongArm into Motors and onto wiring. Wipe over surfaces. On gas fired furnaces, lines will have to be blown out with compressed air. Test washing machines and dryers out doors on an extension cord before reconnecting inside.

• Rusting Chrome Metal:
Wet Surface with StrongArm and Brush lightly with Bristle Brush - wire, brass or nylon will work, Wipe surface with a dry rag. The chrome will be restored with NO Scratching of the surface. The surface will also now be waterproofed and preserved against any future dampness or flooding for up to a decade in storage. DO NOT use Scotchbrite scour pads on metal finishes, especially industrial kind used on body work, which contain diamond dust. They will scratch the finish into a dull frosted surface. Additional Info is HERE.

• Brass and Copper: Apply StrongArm and allow to sit for several minutes. Buff with a clean cotton or denim cloth and the surface patina will return to a normal shiny finish and surfaces will remain protected.

• Silver Surfaces: Apply a drop of StrongArm onto the surface after drying and wipe with a small cotton cloth. Oxidation will be removed and the surface of the silver will remain protected for up to a decade in storage. Additional Info is HERE.

• Aluminum: Apply StrongArm onto the surface and allow it to remain. IF the aluminum is oxidized with a white powdery finish, brush it lightly with a bristle brush. Wipe with cotton rags. The surface will be restored and will remain protected for up to a decade in storage and for several years in daily use.

• StrongArm is designed to be SAFE. It is non destructive to surfaces. No problem with cooking utensels and cast iron pans. Wash with dish washing liquid and scouring powder prior to reuse, treat seasoned iron pans with a fresh coating of olive oil and put away until next use.

IF you are in the areas where the flood water is still coming your way and not hit you yet - THIS information is for you...


IF you have TIME - a day or so untill the water gets there then WASTE NO TIME !!!


Preparing for the flood as it moves downstream from the areas effected: Disconnect power from buildings and basements. Spray StrongArm Brand into wiring sockets and breaker boxes. Remove all furniture and possessions to top floors of buildings. Apply StrongArm Brand into ALL hinges and locks and metal surfaces which remain. This will protect them from corrosion from submersion under water for up to a year or more.

Garages, Machinery sheds and and outdoor appliances: Mechanics; Wipe down all Tools, vices, drills with a rag pad that has StrongArm on it. Spray Tool Boxs drawer slides and tools, bolts, nuts and hardware that's in drawers. These items will NOT rust from flood submersion which will occur when flood waters rise into the area.

Note: IF you do not know anything about machinery repair and operation - vehicles and appliances - then absolutely DO NOT even fool with anything that will plug into the electrical lines yourself. Wash off residue as described above and keep machinery put away until service personnel can be scheduled to arrive and perform service. Proper and Extreme safety procedures are required when working with mechanical motors, engines and connecting to power and circuit breaker utility lines. Provide this StrongArm Brand information to qualified mechanics and service personnel.

StrongArm Sprays Brand is designed to be safe. The residual compounds which remain on surfaces treated with StrongArm Sprays are food grade. It will not hurt your hands or any surfaces it's applied to.

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Photographic Detail of Implementations:

SUBMERGED Flooded Tool Reclamation.
This tool box was under rising water a foot deep when taken out and put onto higher ground. It sat 2 weeks before it could then be cleaned up and restored to like new with StrongArm Sprays Brand.

Click HERE to see pictures and information about tool cleaning.



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Cleanup Info
Corroded Antique Brass Scale Rail.

StrongArm Sprays Brand Treated Brass

Reclaiming Antique Silver with StrongArm.
Antique Silver Restoration Pictures

27 T Model Cleanup Info

Cleaning Detail on an old Abandoned
Classic Honda Motorcycle

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