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USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Rat Bike Cleanup of a Retired
Triumph 1000CC Bonneville Salt Flats Racer
after Four decades of storage in a shed

THIS video clip details the entire cleanup process shown here on this page in photos taken during the process.

The bike ran the salt flats in the 60's and early 70's. It then was parked and moved into the rear of an outdoor shed. Parts were obviously taken for other Triumphs that were in use as time went on. In 2010, the bike and three others like it were taken to Mid-Ohio and then on to the AMCA Wauseon meet after these pictures were taken, where Triumph collectors from The U.K. purchased them and transported them back to the U.K. to go into a display in a Museum.

Here's the before and after Pictures of this engine and bike as it was worked on.
There are others showing the various stages of cleaning and it's condition overall below.

Triumph Before StrongArm Conditioning. Triumph After StrongArm Conditioning Treatment
Just Look at how USA Fluid Turns the Aluminum New on the cases of this bike.
You can brush and wipe off the rat in simple detailing.

Crankcase Before of Triumph

68 Triumph Closeup of Crankcase After StrongArm Products restored the Aluminum surface
Triumph being StrongArmed 68 Triumph Being StrongArmed
68 Triumph Corrosion Cleanup 68 Triumph StrongArm Corrosion Cleanup
68 Triumph Detailing StrongArm Corrosion Cleanup Buffing Aluminum with StrongArm on 68 Triumph
68 Triumph AFTER cleanup of Corrosion with StrongArm Brand Products 68 Triumph After StrongArm Takes the Rat off the bike
68 Triumph Closeup of Crankcase After StrongArm Products restored the Aluminum surface

68 Triumph Before and After StrongArm Treatment

Below Here is the engine, frame and fork AFTER USA Fluid Cleanup, with closeup images below that of the corrosion before cleaning.
1968 Triumph Cleaned up with StrongArm Brand Products 68 Triumph Side Cases
68 Triumph Front of cases 68 Triumph StrongArmed Closeup of crankcase
68 Triumph Frame Cleaned with StrongArm 68 Triumph Closeup of frame and engine after StrongArm Surface Restoration
68 Triumph Frame and Shock after StrongArm Cleanup 68 Triumph Frame Before and After StrongArm Treatment
Left of the frame is the corroded frame and fork Before USA Fluid, note the green corrosion and rust.
To the right of the frame is the fork and frame After USA Fluid Cleanup. Note the shiny chrome from the top nut all the way down the fork.
68 Triumph Before.
This is the bike as it was before USA Fluid
68 Triumph corroded side case detail before StrongArm Treatment
Closeup detail of the side cases before USA Fluid surface restoration.
68 Triumph fork components before StrongArm treatment 68Triumph Fork detail Before StrongArm treatment

Closeup Pictures of the Rat Bike before USA Fluid Brand Recovery of the components

68 Triumph Handlebar Before StrongArm Recovery
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