StrongArm Brand Products for the road and drag bike cleanup and preservation.


Be sure to see the video clip of it running at the bottom of this page..

This Harley Davidson Road bike was once a drag bike.
It's got a nice old school look.
It now runs over the road and is still Fast and Furious.
Nice as it looks, there's rust and corrosion growing all over it.

USA Fluid is going to get it right, and right quick.

Shown below are the before and after sequence pictures as USA Fluid Brand takes the rat off various areas the bike.
This bike rode over 500 miles to the ABATE Freedom Rally over paved and dirt roads through wet and dry conditions.

Here's how simple this is...
USA Fluid Nipple Bottle (a) APPLY USA Fluid
(b) Brush Surfaces
(C) Wipe with a Rag.
US A Fluid Lifetime Recharagable Cansiter



Working through the Rat on the bike....

CYLINDER: Here's the hydraulic cylinder after and before.
The rust on the linkage pins and the corrosion on the metal body is all removed.


PEDAL: The rust on the pedal is removed and the surface is protected from returning.
Even the scratch in the plating is cleaned and protected. Rust inside the hole can also be brushed and removed.
This bike will roll all year without rust ever coming back here.

CRANK PEDAL: Cleanup of the spring and pedal area is nice. The gum and grease is removed. The hardware is now new again.
Note the specific areas where the arrows are pointing to where there was corrosion that is removed.

SHOCKS: Here's After and Before on the rear shocks. One side is finished and the other side is not.
All of the oxidized aluminum is restored, as well as the rubber bushings that were going dry.
The hydraulic hose is also taken care of here.
USA Fluid will treat all rubber parts and prevent their cracking and breaking down as the years go by.

PIPES: Taking the blue off the pipe here. USA Fluid will put a uniform sepia tone onto the chrome to make it look good.
USA Fluid is also excellent for preserving the nuts and removing pipes from the head.

ENGINE CYLINDERS: Cleanup of the iron head. Painted surface and rusted nuts and bolts are brought back up.

LINKAGE: USA Fluid cleans the rust off the linkage, and lubricates it for the entire season of riding.

FRONT FORK: USA Fluid is Ideal for bug proofing front forks and shocks.
ALL corrosion is Removed and Prevented.
AFTER USA Fluid Treatment Bugs will not accumulate and build up.
Moths will not stain and stick to surfaces any longer.

Click the play > Button
Check out the video of it taking off with the pack.
Watch it jump ahead as it accelerates.

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Prompt Priority
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