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USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm

Performs Immediate Rust Cleanup of Motorcycle Shocks from 60's Motorcycle..

USA Fluid Cycle Springs Restoration

These shocks are on a motorcycle in Florida that's being restored and rebuild.
The owner of the bike did this in about Eight minutes. Note how the rubber is rejuvenated.

  1. Apply the USA Fluid over the Rusty surface with small 1 or 2  inch soft bristle paint brush.
  2. Wire Brush the area very lightly with only several ounces of pressure
  3. Wipe surfaces with clean rags and buff the surface with clean cotton rags
    Do NOT Wax the Chrome - it will remove the USA Fluid Preservative Coating. Wax goes dead and then rust returns.
  4. Bike is now mothballed with the residual coating against corrosion both in use or in storage for years to come.

    When you use a real Extremely High Quality Product, you get real extremely immediate results
    Safe, simple and effective.

Extreme Penetrant, Lubricant, Rust & Ratty Surface Remover
Long Term Corrosion Block Preservative Waterproofer.
It's The Bikers Best Friend & Motorcycle Mechanics Right Hand Man in a can
* Preserving Iron Dream Machines is our totally serious business.