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Frozen IH Tractor Engine Freed up
and then put all back together that night...

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Transcript of Testimony being said here by customer...
Read along below to understand what's being said over the background noise.....

Transcript of customer:
Not solicited or paid testimony from a Farmer at Antique Acres Farm Show..
ARM: StrongArm Guy
FARMER: A Local Farmer

Begin Transcript..

FARMER: "..I'm telling you what...
Your Selling Probably the best product that anyone's got in this whole city!
Everyone I talk to I say 'You ever use StrongArm ?' - 'No I never heard of it' they say..
'What do you mean you never heard of it ???!!' - 'No I never heard of it' they say -

I tell em:
WELL Let me tell you what; It's the Best Penetrating Fluid I've ever used.

This guy right here... On that pulling track right there...
He come over.. Last year..
He had an I H (tractor) that was Frozen up.
The head was off of it.
And He said "You got any of that StrongArm ??"
I said Here.. I gave him a can, because I buy it by the case, and this is about a year ago, actually the last time I bought a case. And I gave him a can, He says "Well, you say that stuff is really good.."
I said:
Look Man, Spray it in your head.!. And this is Saturday...!

He come over the next day - Sunday - Driving the tractor !!
IT was froze SOLID !!! He had tried everything on it.."

ARM: He had it Running....!!!

FARMER: "And he had it running. He drove it over !
Of course he's a good mechanic. He put it all back together...
BUT - He Just Shook His Head and said he couldn't believe it..!..."

ARM: And that's over by where you live ??

FARMER: "my next door neighbor.."
End of Transcipt.

Now THIS is exactly what we here at StrongArm Brand Co. mean when we say: "USE IT and KNOW IT!!"
Even the people that work miracles with it shake their heads and say they couldn't belive it
AFTER working it with their own hands ! THAT'S Uncanny! For Sure.

Get some for Your shop and appreciate it !

Thanks for Looking, Reading and Purchasing.
No Come On's No Hype, No Gimmicks.

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